Our Employees

Kimberly Knoll

Kimberly Knoll

Licensed Psychotherapist and Coach
  • Worked in 3 startups in San Francisco and Vegas and built my own business after overcoming my own fears and seeing the deep need for us to be the best we can be not only in our lives and relationships, but in our business.
  • Care deeply about people, relationships, being real with ourselves, changes our lives so we can thrive in our businesses and change the world.
  • Lover of all things psychology.

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Thomas Knoll

Thomas Knoll

Entrepreneur and Coach
  • Recovering Entrepreneur: Founder @ Primeloop (exited), Co-Founder @ LaunchRock (exited), Co-Founder @ Glocally (failed)
  • Mentor: 500Startups, Up Global, MovesTheNeedle
  • Community Architect: Zappos (Amazon), Uservoice (growing), Seesmic (exited)
  • Loves helping entrepreneurs survive and thrive

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What our clients say

For me, the decision to get coaching was based on the desire to become a better founder. I knew I was open to change but didn’t know how to go about it. Kim was instrumental in helping me identify my goals and creating a path to help me reach them. Her actionable advice and follow-ups held me accountable for my own improvement (which is just my style!) and I’m very happy with everything I’ve learned. Kim is awesome and my experience with her made me feel more empowered than ever to be the best leader I can be.


Startup in Las Vegas, NV

As an entrepreneur, I try to get as much feedback and advice as possible. This creates noise. When there is noise, Thomas is always there to help find the signal. His advice is always spot on and he brings a wicked amount of knowledge across the board from product to strategy to community engagement to execution.


Startup in New Orleans, LA

Kim is effective because she is completely authentic.  This authenticity paves the way for a truly invested relationship with her clients.  For those of us who struggle with shame, worthiness and vulnerability related to both our personal and professional lives, Kim provides a loving mirror with which we can truly see and conquer these issues.  Kim’s approach to life’s problems are simple and straight forward, which allows clients to formulate real boundaries and game plans to make positive changes in their lives.  For me, Kim has helped me see and embrace my authentic self, which has greatly impacted both my professional life and personal relationships.  As a lifelong perfectionist and over achiever, I have found that Kim’s tutelage has brought a tremendous sense of balance and peace to my life.


Las Vegas, NV

Who doesn’t call a friend when they’re having a hard time? We all do. Who vents to co-workers, family, and even strangers when they’re struggling through some tough decisions or situations? Yep, me too. The other problem is that most of those people don’t have degrees and training which would give them the ability to effectively help you. They listen and maybe throw their two cents in. So, why do we feel awkward when we tell someone that we’re seeing a coach? They’re just an awesome, well-trained person in our lives who know the right questions and have the right tools. Kim Knoll is one of those people. You step into your sessions with a cloudy mind or vision of where you’re going and after a few questions and comments, she has you walking down a road with the next step ahead of you. She quickly ascertains your desires and struggles and develops a plan to help you overcome or move-through them. I love that there is “homework.” Her style involves plenty of conversation, but it doesn’t stop there. There is forward progress and the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. I’m so thankful for Kim’s guidance and it’s inspired me to become even better than I am today!

Teacher & Worship Leader

Church & School in Houston, TX

Thomas was grounded and listened to us before he responded. We were able to throw our cards on the table and received solid advice regarding our ideas on building our community of users. Thomas helped us focus our efforts and that’s a big deal. If you’re launching a startup you’re going to have to dig deep so it helps to know where to dig.


Startup in Austin, TX

Thomas has been tremendously helpful in getting us to think about new ways to more effectively reach, retain and “wow” clients. His simple, effective and powerful suggestions have been great for my company.


Startup in San Francisco, CA